Featured Speakers :

 François Bedu
François Bedu
Product Manager Innovative Lighting
Renault S.A.S.
Dr. Markus Maier
Dr. Markus Maier
Lighting Technology of MULTIBEAM LED Headlamps
Daimler AG
 Paul-Henri Matha
Paul-Henri Matha
Head of Lighting Department
Renault / DACIA Romania
Dr.-Ing. Christian May
Dr.-Ing. Christian May
Head of Division Flexible Organic Electronics
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP

Intelligent Automotive Lighting

Sophisticated Lighting Concepts –  Innovative Lighting Design – Advanced Light Sources

Die Fachtagung gibt Einblicke in die aktuellsten Entwicklungen der Lichttechnologie im und am Auto. Dies umfasst Laserlicht-Technologien für den Fahrzeugaußenbereich, Lichtkonzepte wie ambiente dynamische Beleuchtung für den Fahrgastinnenraum und neueste Entwicklungen im Bereich der OLED Technologie. Auf der IAL 2015 wird das Thema Lichtdesign einen Schwerpunkt bilden. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch. 

Light is not only creating a distinct brand image, which gives a character to the vehicle but also fascinates by sophisticated technologies.

Without doubt: new interior lighting concepts such as ambient mood lighting and dynamic lighting are going to become an even more important design feature of passenger vehicle in order to make customers feel as comfortable as possible and underline the emotional attitude of the vehicle. Also OLED technology is becoming more popular within the automotive industry.

As a result, OEM`s and suppliers of automotive lighting systems are facing intrinsic challenges such as improving OLED technology as a future lighting technology for automotive industry and still working on advanced concepts for exterior lighting such as laser light. In this conference you will

  • Find out the latest developments of OLED technology for automotive application

  • Understand the innovative trends of ambient lighting as a styling feature 

  • Discover news on lighting design to underline the image of the car

  • Learn about latest light sources like laser lights to enhance comfort and safety

  • Gain insight into innovative automotive lighting technologies to ensure cost efficiency in terms of weight reduction, energy and brightness

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